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so heres the unnamed album I mentioned in my last post. I fucking love danzig. have since I was about 12 and saw the skull logo. danzig is pure metal cheese and I love every goddamned glorious second of it. so much so that my next tattoo is based on the blackacidevil album debacle. yes the one album that most danzig fans hate. fuck those guys. I love that tiny evil man and as far as I'm concerned everything he touches is gold. which brings us to glanzig. this was a Swedish band with members from a half dozen other bands, the one I know is transport league which is where the singer tony jelenovich came from. these guys perfectly nail the danzig sound. in the vocals to guitar tone all the way down to the deep thud of the drums off of danzig and danzig II. even the artwork for this album folds out into an upside down cross just like the original artwork for "lucifuge". even though the album art and title here are a play on the "lucifuge" album, the songs are not. they hit highlights from the first 4 albums and even throw in some misfits covers at the end. I love covers and this is the best covers album ive ever heard. I could be biased because I love the source material so much though but fuck it.

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m00k said...

Thank you for this! Sounds neat. I'm in that small minority that loves everything Danzig too. All my friends hated 6:66 and I couldn't get over how ugly and dark it sounded. I even had a Danzig III sticker on my first guitar way back in the early 90s lol.