OK, looks like it's that time of year again. Before I continue, just want to say thanks to Chris, Jerm & Bacteria along with everyone that stops by here or comments in the chat. This blog would literally not exist without everyone's help. It's been a busy year for this site, we've basically doubled our post count, closing in on 1,000 posts. Crazy shit.  It's also been a hell of a year for hardcore, so without further ado, here are the releases I enjoyed most myself, starting with my top 3, and then the rest, ordered by date of release. If you like what you hear, look for the 's. Enjoy!   ~ADAM

TOP 3 OF 2016
August 5th - SECT - S/T - Probably my most anticipated release of the year, for obvious reasons. Blistering, all-too-short yet super important stuff from an all-star, cross-continent cast. I end up liking this more every time I play it and it's the rare record that gets heavier with every listen 

September 9th - FUNERAL CHIC - Hatred Swarm - This record makes me smile with anger every time I put it on. This is the kind of shit that I was hoping to find when I started this blog

November 17th - LET IT DIE - The Liar & The Saint -  Been playing this nonstop. You won't find a more perfectly Grindy Metallic Hardcore release this year if you tried

20 BEST OF 2016
March 7th - CRUX OF AUX - Mona - I've known about this band forever as one of the members was in Cursed, but this is the first time I'd actually heard them. Sludge Thrash at it's finest

April 27th - GEIST - Son Of Sun Live Session - I love everything these guys do, but I have a soft spot for live studio recordings that are done right. This happens to be one of them

June 16th - PARIS IN THE MAKING - Solve et Coagula - This one was a little more Screamo/Post Rock than I normally like, but I loved every second of it

July 1st - ART OF BURNING WATER - Between Life And Nowhere - Everything this band puts out is killer. This LP came out with little fanfare, but I can tell you, It is killer as well

June 17th - JOY - Of Nothing - I had never heard of this band before this summer but I'm glad I found them because this is some of the best Blackened Hardcore I've heard all year

June 17th - NEGATIVE STANDARDS - Fetters - Hadn't heard from these dude since 2013 but they came back in a big way with this record, picking up from right where they left off

June 17th - NAILS - You Will Never Be One Of Us - This is the modern day Slayer

August 25th - DEPRAVATION - Feast With The Rats - This was one of the first bands I ever reviewed here, and they are still just as good as I remember

September 9th - NORMA JEAN - Polar Similar - Definitely the most "Major Label" band on this list, but I don't care, I've always loved this band and this new record is great

September 14th - LOG DRIVER - S/T - Amazing crust/grindcore made by two brothers who usually dabble in the Black Metal arts. I desperately want to hear more from them

September 23rd - TRAP THEM - Crown Feral - You should know what to expect here. This LP is sadly still a step down from Darker Handcraft, but thankfully it's a big step up from Blissfucker

September 30th - NINE ELEVEN - Sentinels - Political Hardcore & Emoviolence are usually things that would annoy me, but this band always impresses me

October 14th - WEAK WRISTS - S/T - I used to think they put something in the water in Germany because of how bands from there sounded. These days I think the same of North Carolina

October 14th - SUPER UNISON - Auto - This is a VERY unique sounding album in 2016 full of wonderful Alternative/Post Hardcore vibes. I surprisingly loved it

October 17th - MINERVA SUPERDUTY - Gorod Zero - This is another one that is usually not up my alley due to it's Experimental/Chaotic tendencies, but it RULES

October 21st - RAVAGE RITUAL - Higher Power - Everything this band puts out is excellent. I was happy to see this since they had been inactive for a few years

November 8th - SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS - Svengali - Another one of the first bands I posted about. They seem to put out some really cool shit about once a year

November 14th - HAILNOTHING - Ancient Tombs - Yet another Grindcore/Powerviolence band that seems to put out a good/catchy EP every year

November 20th - MERCY TIES - Proper Corruption - Punk, Math Rock & Grind mixed together probably better than I have heard in a long time

Right Fucking Now - WVRM - Heartache - I literally just got this record in the mail today but it's going on this list, I don't care what you say. Fantastic Crust/Grindcore that will bury you. Pre-Order this now.

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