first off...I fucking love this band. now that being said I don't really expect this post to reach a lot of new ears, but if I reach just one then ill consider it a success. this is the pinnacle of the hardcore hate ive talked about that's coming out of Italy. honestly the only bands I can think of worldwide that come anywhere near this level are today is the day and indian (r.i.p.). the first time I heard "solve et coagula" I was hooked. and really that album is where that sound started for these guys. the first two albums, "luce" (2004) and "disintoxication" (2008), were closer to metalcore than they were to the blackened hatred they would perfect on 2010s "solve...". "agnus dei" (2012) was a minor step backwards but only in the production, which is odd because both it and "solve.." were produced by kurt ballou. "agnus dei" gets a little muddy in sound but the that same level of hatred is right there with its predecessor. hate is a strong word. ive always been told that if youre going to use that word, you better mean it. the secret means it.

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Abe said...

Fuck yes, this band. One of the best in the blackened hardcore sub.