ok so first off id like to apologize to anyone who saw my last post. it wasn't up very long before I deleted it. what started out as a rant about a couple simple complaints turned in to me sounding like an even bigger asshole than usual. it wasn't very well thought out could have been taken the wrong way. I blame my meds. right so moving on.
im gonna kind of break format here. im in a funk. musically. everything new is crap and im sick of everything old. weve all been there. well like im sure most of you do as well, I have a few albums I always turn to when this feeling comes on. thought id share them with you. and id like to here what some of you turn to so feel free to comment.
first up is the melvins "stag" from 1996. my favorite melvins album. and probably one of the more odd albums they've done. and this is coming from a band who released "colossus of destiny" which is basically an hour long noise track recorded live. "stag" was the last album they released for a major label. every time I listen to it I cant help but think they made it as weird as possible on purpose just so atlantic wouldn't know what to do with it. well it worked.
next up is tom waits. "bone machine" came out in 1993 and was a kind of come back album for tom waits. his first work that wasn't a soundtrack or broadway related in 6 years. and its his best work. if "i don't wanna grow up" doesn't make you simultaneously smile and cry then theres something wrong with you. I love this album.
Bone Machine
killing joke. these guys are kind of a sore spot for me right now. I bought tickets 2 months ago for a show in Columbus last week but they cancelled the whole tour. but I still love them and their self titled album from 2003 above all the others. another comeback album on this list. see jaz coleman is a raving lunatic and killing joke have broken up like 3 or 4 times. this was the first album since 1996s "democracy". when they got back together for this one youth and raven came back and contributed to it and dave grohl filled in on drums for big paul ferguson. probably grohls 2nd best performance behind "in utero"
next we have zao. "liberate te ex inferis". the 2nd album of what most call zaos classic trilogy. and by far the darkest of not only those 3 albums but all zao albums. "liberate"  also has the best intro ever made by humans. and its full of clips from event horizon. great fucking movie. seriuously dark shit right here.
and the last one im gonna do for this list is today is the days "temple of the morning star". steve Austin mustve had a rough life. and whatever that tragedy or tragedies are, he pours into his music. this is some of the most purely hateful music made by mankind.
so that's it. really I could have doubled this list and included converge, faith no more, mark lanegan, cursed, and probably some others but these are enough for now. so there you have it. some of my comfort albums. albums that never let me down. like I said feel free to comment. im curious what you guys listen to till the music doldrums pass.


man-shaped hole said...

Everything new is crap?
So far this year we've seen awesome new stuff from Arms, Whitespot, Full of Hell and Slaves BC, to name a few.

Jerm said...

Yeah i know there have been several fantastic releases so far this year and i know theres more to come. New entombed and heiress albums are due out in the next month or so. Two i can't wait for.

Chris Morris said...

Hello. New Seven Sisters Of Sleep is amazing. As far as go to bands when I'm in a musical funk. Fight Amp, Coalesce, Quicksand, Botch, and Breather Resist never fail me.

ADAM said...

Deftones for me

Jerm said...

New ssos is pretty brutal. They keep getting better. Just for about the last week or so, outside of that harrowed split, ive wanted to drag all my music out in the front yard and set it on fire.

Chris Morris said...

I'm forced to listen to top 40 shite at work so anything new I hear is an improvement.