WHITE SPOT - Father Songs

GENRE - Experimental Grindcore, Noise Rock, Mathcore
FFO - The Locust, The Chariot, The Taos Hum
D/L - Zippyshare or Bandcamp

White Spot is a genre bending, noise induced project filled with structured chaos containing elements of noise rock, mathcore, grind and sludge. Whats so impressive to me is that this is a one-man band. Marcus lives in the middle of Louisiana and, through a self-admitted bare-bones setup, manages to make some fantastic stuff. It would be easy enough I guess just to make some punk demos by yourself, but like I mentioned earlier, we're talking mathcore here. That means weird timing, weird breaks, weird everything sometimes. I mentioned White Spot's debut here last year and I'm happy to say that Father Songs is a worthy follow up. The songwriting is interesting, the production is big, and at no point does this feel like a "solo project". This is a no-brainer if you are into experimental hardcore at all. This is also getting a limited cassette release through Procurement Records. Pre-orders are now up on Bandcamp. They are limited to only 50 copies, with 3 of them being special editions, including alternate album art. The release date is 4/8/15.

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