GENRE - Powerviolence, Hardcore, Crust Punk
FFO - Nails, WVRM, Vermin Womb
D/L - Mediafire or Bandcamp

HOLY SMOKES this is one mother of a release from the 3-piece Godhole from Edinburgh, Scotland. Billed as a "Double EP", this release really has two sides to it, no pun intended. Side A (which is what is on the physical vinyl release) is an incredible whirlwind of 7 of the most brutal powerviolence songs I have heard in a long time, all with a slight touch of black metal and crust. Really, this shit is so good. Now, Side B is not really my thing, but it's 7 more songs of atmospheric/noise so it's a bonus if you are into that stuff too. Beyond all of that, this really is a concept album of sorts. You can read more about it in detail at the Bandcamp page but to simplify it, the singer's brother committed suicide at a young age and while going through his brother's art and lyrics, he was inspired to take pieces of that and create this project. It's really an amazing thing to complete and you should really go read it in his own words for yourself.

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