GENRE - Metal, Anarcho-Punk, Crust
FFO - Alpinist, Jungbluth, Cursed
D/L - Zippyshare or Bandcamp

When I first heard this cassette I would have bet anything that this band was from Berlin. That's just how good of a crust-punk band this is. But in fact, Storm Of Sedition is a DIY green-anarchist punk band based out of Victoria BC, Canada. Their bio states they aim to spread through their music, the hatred of civilization, domestication, and control, while promoting resistance to the techno-industrial capitalist system. Check out their blog for more info if you are into that sort of stuff, and grab this free download because it is fucking fantastic. Seriously, the recording and production is near-perfect. Also, they have a new LP in the works for 2015. Pressing 1,000 for North America and possibly Europe as well. If you have a DIY label and you're interested in helping with this release, email them at

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Anonymous said...

Good thing the music is so good. With borderline retarded views like that the lyrics probably would have ruined it for me. Glad youre back by the way. Jerm.