GENRE - Crust, Blackened Hardcore, Punk
FFO - Deathrite, Black Breath, Hellmouth
D/L - Zippyshare

Absolutely killer split cassette that came out late last year but recently made available for free download. Crossburner is from Miltonn Keynes and formed in 2013. Taking influence from the early 90's Swedish death metal scene and mixing it with aggressive speed of 80's UK punk and hardcore, the sound is abusive and bleak. Expect buzzsaw guitar tones, D-beat onslaught and lyrical content that covers a range of topics from personal struggles to the Occult. War Wolf is from Brighton and formed in 2012. Where Crossburner leans towards the crust-side of hardcore, War Wolf punishingly lays down a thick coating of doom-tinged hardcore punk. Their LP "Crushing The Ways Of The Old" from 2013 was, and is still awesome. And of course, all of their stuff can be had on Bandcamp for free.

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