I scored a last minute ticket to see Amenra play one of their two shows at Saint Vitus. Amenra played a couple of quick shows here in Brooklyn before heading out west to do a repeat of the tour I caught them on last year with Converge and Neurosis (well, caught a little of them... I got there late and missed all but two songs). Anyway, I am extremely happy to have caught them for a full set at the always incredible Saint Vitus Bar. Statiqbloom were the openers and I have to say I have been blessed with an incredible run of opening acts lately. DeadWinterMoon and a few others have been feeding my need for some industrial and electronic flavored metal lately; Statiqbloom were an absolute feast of that sound. Incredibly fun to photograph. Amenra were and are as epic as their records would leave you to believe. They are a no nonsense, no banter, engrossed in the moment kind of act. The ebb and flow of their set seemed to draw the whole room in. Hopefully some of you are out on the west coast and can go catch them with Converge and Neurosis! They are not to be missed!


ADAM said...

Damn dude. That top pic is amazing


Thanks Adam! Appreciate it!