Hope you guys enjoy a little peek into a fantastic evening at Saint Vitus from three tremendous and diverse acts. I have been really into The Body's newest record, along with their collaboration with Uniform, so getting to see them was a real treat. The Body had noise artist Limbs Bin perform alongside them as their third member for the evening. Big | Brave are really great to watch; all three members are wildly locked into each other. I had seen them open for Sunn O))) a little while back, so seeing them again was really a great way to set the stage for The Body. Lingua Ignota... what a stellar performance. She performs completely solo in the middle of the floor. Her voice is absolutely astonishing and I think she left everyone in the room shocked by how powerful of a show she put on. 

Doing a little catch up on my end, more to come. Always feel free to follow on Instagram to see shots pop up a little sooner.

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