so I've finally gotten moved and got my computer back up and now i have decent internet so now I can get out of the chatbox and back to posting. someone requested the famine a few days ago and i threw up a couple links in the chatbox for them and for embodyment. both bands shared members. well heres another band that shared some of those members as well. these guys didn't last too long on either run they had but they did manage to put out some ripping chaotic metalcore in the late 90's and early 2000's. best comparison would be a cleaner more precise version of early chariot albums. they did switch to a more melodic straightforward style metalcore on their 2006 comeback and final album but its still some solid noise. all 3 releases below.

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in.silico.out said...
Not sure if this went around much, but people who dig SF may be interested in this. In '03, after Dan quit, Zao recruited SF singer Josh Ashworth as their vocalist and made the above demo. I believe shortly after, Dan wanted back in the band, and his return is what caused Jesse to leave. most of the parts of these songs ended up on 'The Funeral of God', but I like these way more. hope y'all dig.