This split LP will melt your brain.

I've been a huge fan of Siberian Hell Sounds since their inception in 2013. I feel like they are cosmically connected to this blog as their debut EP was one of the first things I posted here and it seems they release something amazing every year for me to talk about. It's also worth mentioning that they are super cool dudes as well. That being said, it's fitting that they, along with Convulsing, close out this shit & garbage filled year with a 2 track LP that sounds like it is ushering in the dawn of the apocalypse. Siberian Hell Sounds have been evolving and mutating over the years into what you hear now on Side A. I can't say it better than the Art As Catharsis label did:
"The Breath Of The Beast marks the moment when Siberian Hell Sounds transcended the sum of its parts, and emerged as a hypnotically heavy drone machine - more a cataclysmic force majeure than music. Siberian Hell Sounds draw influence from clandestine corners of extreme music while never adhering to the tropes of any particular subgenre."
Convulsing's Side B is just as haunting and damaging, made all the more impressive by the fact that this is a band consisting solely of one Brendan Sloan of Dumbsaint. I am forever jealous of people that are able to put all of this together by themselves, and the oppressive atmosphere he is able to create here is mind boggling. Here are some more words that describe this madness far better than I could:
"Convulsing’s Engraved On Bleached Bone exists as a bridge between two selves: between despondency and turmoil of the past, and the uncertainty of the present. It is a knife at the throat of a now-defeated enemy. A bloodied howl of contempt."
"Cathartic excess" is a brilliant way to describe this release and it's two, 20-minute tracks. Do yourself a favor and find a dark room, turn this all the way up. Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot. Because you deserve it.

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