Hey gang, I feel like a total piece of human garbage for not properly posting anything in ages, so I felt the absolute least I could do was to copy Jerm and give you my list of favorites from this year. I really appreciated Chris' almost daily posts this year, keeping the site relevant once again. And I love how active the chat has been lately, with special thanks going out to the chat MVP, GodsColdHands, who has some magic ability to literally fill any request, seemingly. But anyway, thanks again to everyone for visiting, I promise I will try to post more in 2018. 

Here's my list of Top 10 (and more) releases (in alphabetical order)...        *♫*
ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Hostage Animal (October)

BELLE HAVEN - You, Me and Everything In Between (June)


DARK HABITS - Cave Paintings (May)

END IT - Self Titled (June)

GEIST - Disrepair (September)

MORAL VOID - Deprive (August)

SECT - No Cure For Death (November)

SUNLIGHT'S BANE - The Blackest Volume (February)

WVRM - Can You Hear The Wind Howl (September)
Honorable mentions...
FANGE - Pourrissoir (March)

GOD MOTHER - Vilseledd (October)

LEECHED - Nothing Will Grow From The Rotten Ground (October)

NECRODANCER - Void (October)

RITUAL BLADE - Hidden Pain (October) & Hollow Gods (March)


Jerm said...

Damn dude. That necrodancer. How'd I miss that. That shit is so good

ADAM said...

dude i KNOW! i just recently got it actually and have been meaning to put in on the blog officially, will have to do that soon. But yeah, I love it