Pallor- Alone EP (2017)

Pallor- Alone 

Year: 2017
Genre: Blackened Grind, Progressive Crust, Experimental Dbeat, Chaotic Post Hardcore 
Country: USA- Asheville, NC

You have never heard a band quite like Pallor by way of Asheville, North Carolina.
I don't know of another band with this strong of songwriting that could fit or defy so many genres at once while making it sound easy and fresh as hell.

They are 100 percent unpredictable but nothing is out of place.

It isn't experimental for vanity purposes, it is experimental because it is the only way to describe, with honesty, how one drummer and one bassist could make such a fucking assault on your ears. Right from the start you get a chaotic blitz to your nosebone, and it just gets heavier from there.

You can't see what will happen next, as they jump from a Vocal Chant thru feedback and groovy drumming to rapid fire blast beats, to an almost Sumac or Primitive Man post metal bass instrumental passage. I don't know quite what to call this, except for: Heavy and Inspired. Nothing will prepare you, every twist keeps you glued to the track but never feels out of place.

This is passionate, violent, hateful and beautiful all at once. 

Speaking of Bass: You just found the best Grind/Crust/Blackened bass player in the scene. Other bands should take note, this is pure style.
From the double thumping intro of the first verse of the first track to the constant pitch shifting to really drag you further away from the surface.

I imagine this music is drowning at sea, incarnated.
Another contender for Album of the year, easily.

Favorite Track: Faith- Whole EP
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