Blame God- Strategically Confined EP (2017)

Blame God- Strategically Confined 

Year: 2017
Genre: Powerviolence, Grind, Crust, Broken Jaw
Country: USA- Upstate NY

Holy Fucking Shit Guys.
You ever just see some artwork and just intuitively know this is about to be fucking awesome? Then you click a link, pop in a CD/Cassette and press play and know within a few seconds you are listening to something extremely special???

That is Blame God.
It is probably going to be my Powerviolence/Grind album of the year. No filler whatsoever, just Mike Tyson hooks to the head from the jump. Much like a broken jaw, while quick to change your day, it will be something you deal with for a long while.

Violent guitars set the pace for this record and fuck your favorite drummer, Blame God murdered him/her at around 30 seconds in ( you will see what I mean over the course of EP). The Vocals are what it might sound like if Sean Ingram of Coalesce shot steroids into his neck for a few years and wrote you a personally existential threat.

This is not run of the mill PV/Grind, this is strong riffs written into strong songs with powerful lyrics and pummeling drum performance that makes you start over right from Track One again. Do yourself a favor and do not sleep on this. If you listen to one PV EP this year, make it Blame God and get ready for what these guys do next. The digital copy is Name Your Own price, by the way.

Favorite Track: All of them

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