Nihilisticon- Paysages Nihilisme (2017)

Year: 2017 
Genre: Depressive Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Post- Black Metal
Country: Germany/Ecuador 

A dual Black Metal Effort spanning across Germany and Ecuador, Nihilisticon brings a great full length album with harsh guitars, atmospheric vocals and hypnotic rhythms. 
Sure to please any fan of Depressive/Atmospheric bands, “Paysages Nihilisme” (Nihilist Landscapes in French) is a journey. Not once does it feel pointless or lose focus. Each song has the right amount of traditional black metal riffing a la early Bathory Or Immortal that flows right into beautiful instrumental passages that really paint a picture of exactly what you are hearing: Wintered Fjords and tall nordic pines and emptiness. The vocals vary between a almost tribal howl and some of the most pissed blackened styles you could hear. 

Favorite Track: "Not Even A Reality"

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