Ratstab-One Sided Flexi 7" (2017)

Happy Record Store Day everyone!  National record store day started ten ears ago tomorrow and started as a movement to support mom and pop brick and mortar record shops throughout the country who were essentially a dying breed almost a decade ago.  Unfortunately this movement has gone commercial over the years to the point where people are now paying top dollar for releases that have essentially lost sight of the spirit of the day, which was to get people off their asses, off their computers, and into actual shops to purchase vinyl, cassettes, and what not.  Paul from Tor Johnson reached out to me and expressed similar beliefs and asked me to do a brief piece on a one off release he will be putting out tomorrow as a way to promote his label and national record store day.  I have the pleasure to reveal that he will be releasing the latest 7" from Ratstab.  Ratstab is a Providence, RI based band featuring members of Suffering Bastard, Dropdead, and Rampant Decay.  Ratstab play a vicious and blistering style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, d-beat, and screamo within their sound.  The 7" itself is a one sided clear square 7" with silk screen b-side and silk-screened mylar sleeves.  The 7" is limited to 55 copies and will be available at local stores in Providence RI and MA record shops tomorrow.  From the looks of things, this bad boy is going to be amazing.  Hopefully Paul will allow me to throw the track up on the blog after the weekend is over.  If you live in the area, Get on this!

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