(U.S.) Into Another-Omens 12" (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Post Hardcore

Label: Ghost Ship Records
Tracks: 5
Length: 22.0'

Into Another is a five piece band from NYC who formed in 1990.  Into Another features members of Underdog, Youth Of Today, Crippled Youth, Bold, and Whiplash.  Into Another play a truly unique style of progressive post hardcore that's really hard to pigeonhole or peg into any sort of classification as far as underground music goes.  As Far as the band's discography is concerned, Into Another released a self-titled album on Revelation records in 1990, an EP titled Creepy Eepy on Revelation records in 1992, a three song 7" titled Poison Fingers on Revelation records in 1994, an eight song LP titled Ignaurus on Revelation records in 1994, a self-titled three song 7" on Hollywood records in 1995, an eleven song LP titled Seemless on Hollywood records in 1995, and an eleven song LP titled Soul Control in 1996.  Omens is Into Another's first new release in over two decades, which automatically got my attention and made me curious to see how their sound would hold up.  Let's just say that I'm beyond impressed by how good these new songs are.  Omens pretty much sound like vintage Into Another, but updated and modernized.  So if you're a fan of Into Another in any shape or form, you'll totally dig Omens.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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