JUNGBLUTH - Lovecult (2015)

GENRE: Punk, Hardcore, Noise, Screamo
FFO: Alpinist, Oathbreaker, Momentum, Code Orange

Well, this sure was a nice surprise to come home to! Two years after the release of their first LP, Germany's Jungbluth have made available a brand new, 10-song full-length titled Lovecult that they've been working on the last weeks and months. As with all of their releases, this one's free to download and of course you can "name your price" if you wish. If you didn't know, Jungbluth arose from the ashes of the legendary Alpinist, so you'll have an idea of what to expect. While their music seems to be more evolved and diverse than Alpinist, there is still plenty of breakneck speed and violence in their music, just expect a few more slow spots. From what I've listened to so far, this is Jungbluth's best offering yet. Better production, higher energy and overall it just sounds really fucking great. It still amazes me when 3-piece bands sound this loud. Love it. I've already ordered my LP from Halo Of Flies, so if you are interested, links are below. This record is self-released and 500 will be on Solid Green 180gr. Vinyl and 1,000 will be on Black 180gr. Vinyl.

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