GEIST - Faith Healing (2015)

GENRE: Dark Hardcore, Punk, Metal
FFO: Cursed, Worms Feed, Harrowed, Cholera

Featuring former members of End Reign (one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time), Geist is a 5-piece that hails from Northeast England. I'm a little late with this, but they released a 6-song EP earlier this year that you simply cannot pass up. This is a perfect example of mid-tempo hardcore punk, but tinged with a definite dark side. They do things that not many bands since Cursed have been able to pull off, and by that I mean this EP has riffs coming out of it's ass, agonized vocals, great lyrics and no nu-hardcore bullshit like a million blast-beats, unintelligible singing or other death metal clichés. This is just great UK hardcore. Plain and simple. It never gets repetitive, and there are even some atmospheric spots to this EP that remind me of Cursed again, think "Model Home Invasion" or "Gutters". If any of this interests you, grab this now and maybe buy a shirt to help them out. They recently ended a tour and it looks like the physical copies of the EP are sold out. But keep an eye out for some news in the coming weeks about a split they're releasing with a US band. And, if this doesn't interest you, please stop reading this blog immediately.

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man-shaped hole said...

I love End Reign's split with Alaska. Out of that glut of Cursed worship from a couple years back, they were definitely standout.

ADAM said...

Definitely dude! I've missed that Cursed worship a lot lately. Glad these guys are around doing their thing.