Bone Dance-S/T LP (2012)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Sludge, Noise Rock

Label: Melotov/Throatruiner
Tracks: 10
Length: 36.0'

Bone Dance were a five piece band from Boise, Idaho who existed from 2009-2014.  Bone Dance played a dirty and sludgy as fuck sounding style of metallic hardcore.  Musically, Bone Dance can be said to be influenced by bands such as Botch, Breather Resist, Coalesce, Deadguy, Engineer, and other like minded bands.  Since their inception in 2009, Bone Dance have released a ten song album titled I Have Lived Like An Animal, But I Will Die Like An Angel in March of 2009, a three song EP titled Snakecharmers in April of 2012, and a split LP with Divider and Plebeian Grandstand in July of 2011.  This is the band's last LP, which was released via Throatruiner and Melotov records on October 6th, 2012.  On their final album, Bone Dance offered up their best material to date and left us with ten tracks of dirty, chaotic, and volatile as fuck sounding metallic hardcore.  Overall, this album is amazing and will never get old for me no matter how many times I listen.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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