SVFFER - Self Titled 7"


SVFFER is a badass new(?) 4-piece, female-fronted band from Bielefeld/Münster, Germany. A few sites have already given their upcoming 7" some great write-ups, so I'll just post those links for you to check out.

I just had to mention them because this record is one of the best things I've heard all summer. It's going to be released by vendetta and Narshardaa Records on 29 August on 100 white and 400 black vinyl, pre-order now at the links below.

Grab it here or at a 'name your price' option at their bandcamp. 
download -
SELF TITLED 7" (2013)
1. This Life / A Curse
2. Misfit
3. Isolation
4. Walls

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