Since I seem to have gone off the rails lately with all the Darkwave/Synth posts, I figured it would only make sense to post about the legend that probably started it all. John Carpenter has created over a dozen of the best Horror/Sci-Fi soundtracks for his own movies like Halloween, The Thing & Dark Star (one of my faves). In recent years he's toured and released a few solo albums with some fantastic new music that's in the same vein. If you are a Horror or Synth fan at all, this is highly recommended.

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19 Original Movie Soundtracks (See comments)


Anonymous said...

Lost Themes (2015)
Lost Themes Remixed (2015)
Classic Themes Redux EP (2016)
Lost Themes II (2016)
Anthology - Movie Themes 1974​-​1998 (2017)
Halloween - Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross Version (2017)

[1974] Dark Star (John Carpenter)
[1976] Assault On Precinct 13 (John Carpenter)
[1978] Halloween 1 (John Carpenter)
[1980] The Fog (John Carpenter)
[1981] Escape From New York (Expanded OST)
[1981] Halloween 2 (John Carpenter & Alan Howarth)
[1982] Halloween 3 - Season Of The Witch (John Carpenter & Alan Howarth)
[1982] The Thing - OST
[1983] Christine (John Carpenter)
[1986] Big Trouble In Little China (John Carpenter)
[1987] Prince Of Darkness (John Carpenter)
[1988] They Live (John Carpenter)
[1992] Memoires Of An Invisible Man (John Carpenter)
[1993] Body Bags (John Carpenter & John Hiward)
[1995] In The Mouth Of Madness (John Carpenter)
[1995] Village Of The Damned - Remake (John Carpenter)
[1996] Escape Fom L.A (John Carpenter)
[1998] Halloween 20 Anniversary (John Carpenter)
[1998] Vampires (John Carpenter)


Amazing post. I've seen Carpenter perform his music live twice! Been a fan forever, my uncle introduced me to his films when I was about 12. Thanks for this post. I have some of it, but it's great to be able to fill in the gaps.

ADAM said...

That's awesome man. I've never seen the love show, not sure if he's even doing them anymore. I have the first Lost Themes on vinyl, i really need to get the rest, they need to be heard on vinyl. I also stumbled into his movies very young. Somehow I came across Dark Star when i was in grade school and it permanently fucked me up hahah, in a good way, i think. Glad i could fill in the gaps. I remember trying to track all these down at the time and it was a pain in the ass.