(U.S.) Hell-S/T LP (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom, Sludge

Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Tracks: 7
Length: 49.0'

Dear Friends in the Press and Media worldwide - we're extremely proud and happy to present you with the release of the fourth, colossal full-length album by Salem, Oregon-based apocalyptically heavy and wretchedly visionary extreme sludge-doom behemoths HELL.

Written and recorded in total isolation over a span of three years by sole mastermind M.S.W, this new self-titled opus is the reaffirmation and consecration of one of modern doom's most harrowing, demoralizing, and imaginative prospects, and the final seal on their status of absolute legends in american underground extreme metal. Spanning seven inhumanly crushing songs, for over forty-five minutes of colossal and earth-shaking audial torture - HELL's new album is already a classic, and a tyrannically iconic masterpiece that shall forever be remembered as one of the most awe-inducing turning points in extreme doom, having raised the bar of what "heavy" is to implausible heights, and redefined the concept of musical oppression through a new realm of extremism.  HELL's new album will drop on August 11 2017 as a digital product + limited edition cassette tape featuring unbelievable art by surreal horror artist Blial Cabal. An LP version of the album is in the works to be released sometime in the near future. 

(Press Note)

* Holy shit.  This is some really ugly, filthy, and oppressive sounding doom and sludge for fans of Eyehategod, Primitive Man, Thou, and Barghest.  Amazing album!  Enjoy!

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¡Hola! Thanks for sharing, I love this album.