So I'm still completely and utterly failing at updating this blog, and again I apologize profusely. I've been in a horrible mood for what seems like forever and until just recently, I haven't even been listening to hardly any fucking music at all. But, I have heard some real killer shit lately, so, I thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy.


SVFFER - Lies We Live. An incredible follow-up LP to an amazing debut 7"

YOUNG AND IN THE WAY - When Life Comes To Death. I just got my copy of this in the mail today. Completely brutal and a must have. Buy it now. And if you look around at some of the recommended blogs on the list on the right side of this page, you can download it. Feel free to email me if you still need to be pointed in the right direction.

NAGA - HĒN. Not my normal cup of tea as this flirts with the stoner/doom side of hardcore. But don't worry, there's plenty of crust here to go around. REALLY digging this.

WREN - S/T. Here's another release that I really love that normally I don't think I would. Some experimental, instrumental sludge happening here. It's done right and sounds great so check it out.

CAGED GRAVE - Gutless. This fucking rules.

PRUNE BELLY - Saturnine

BLEED THE PIGS - Overcompensations For Misery.

TARPAN - S/T. Amazing shit from Russia

CLOUD RAT - Blind River

METHMOUTH - Waste Of Life

OF FEATHER AND BONE/REPROACHER - Split at The Elementary Revolt.


RAT STORM - Empty Hands

DISCIPLES OF CHRIST - Decomposition Fantasy at The Elementary Revolt.

LAMPLIGHTER - Lycanthropy

VERMIN WOMB - Permanence at The Elementary Revolt

ENABLER - Le Fin Absolue Du Monde at Blackened Vortice

SHACKLES - Forced To Regress. INCREDIBLE follow-up LP from an impressive 7". 18 pummeling tracks. Get this at The Elementary Revolt.

ROT IN HELL - Ruined Empire. Compilation LP of some of their more rare stuff. Get it at The Elementary Revolt.

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Unknown said...

Glad you are back, Adam.
Thanks for mention us, such a killer list, you remind me to listen some of these albums.