without a doubt my most listened to album of the last year or so. the only reason this wasn't my aoty for 2021 was that i didn't find it until early last year. damn near perfect piece of electro/industrial rock from france. i fucking love this album. earlier albums are good too but don't expect the sound heard here. this is completely different.

name yo price




hi. this is fucking heavy. this is fucking great. fuck.

name yo price


vicious blackened sludge from sweden. it's heavy. it's dark. and it should appeal to fans of indian, lord mantis, and coffinworm


solid metalcore debut that shows a lot of promise. i like where these guys are going. all out war is an obvious comparison and you'll get no complaints from me for that. "for those who were crucified" and "assassins in the house of god" are 2 of my favorites from that era.

name yo price




this band was built for this blog. they are exactly the type of band that sucked me in to dead air at the pulpit and kept coming back 7 or 8 years ago. 100% a perfect mixture of trap them and cursed. this shit rips and i fucking love it.

State Of The Blog Address

Hello everyone, how's it going? I don't really know what to write here, but I did just pay for 2 more years for the domain address, so I guess the blog won't be closing down officially for a while. What will happen in those 2 years, I have no fucking idea, because I just can't seem to get into the groove of posting anything regular. I know that none of you are pissed off about it or anything, but I'm sure some of you are bummed. And I am too. My Mom also passed away unexpectedly in May so that fucked me up pretty good. I've tried to post stuff here and there, but I just can't seem to write any kind of review. Part of that is that I've kind of lost the love of seeking out new music. To be honest, I listen to Spotify almost exclusively these days. I'm pretty out of the loop otherwise. I love that the chat is still going strong and well behaved though. I have tried to post some interesting new free stuff from Bandcamp, which is kind of nostalgic for me because that's basically how this blog started, but even that isn't very fulfilling. Chris is very busy and got very burned out as well, and Jerm is... well, Jerm is Jerm (haha just kidding buddy). So I don't know how many regular posts you're actually going to see here. I've mentioned this before but no one has ever really taken me up on it, but if you are interested in posting stuff on the main page, whether it be reviews, links, pictures, videos, new stuff, old stuff... whatever, just email me. Help is always appreciated. Later.



i'm sitting here on a saturday night exhausted having slept less than 2 hours out of the last 24. tooth is killing me(dentists are your friends kids). trying to get drunk enough to dull the pain and pass out for a few hours. enter envoyer. i don't know shit about this band other than they were from rochester NY and apparently released one album(a great one) 11 years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth. i do know that they've clearly studied their botch (new song! *happy face*) (no they aren't back. *sad face*). i don't even remember what i was looking for when i found them but i'm glad i did. this album is a ripper. gets in. smashes your face. gets out. i like.

Throth - Haunted By The Medium

Mosquinha - Self Titled

Head in Hand - Unnatural Providence

Bazka - Basoaren ilunean dantza

A Dream of Ghosts - Self Titled

Vansinnets Mun - Demon

Caged - Demo