i owe my love of this band to adam and this blog. cursed is long gone. trap them is long gone. harrowed is by far my favorite hardcore band still standing. their 2013 lp "into inferno" was in my top 50 all time list from a couple years ago. 2019s "chaotic nonentity" made my year end list that year. even at only 4 songs, it's highly likely that "unseen hands" tops my list this year. this ep is a ripper. as good as the last album was, these 4 songs are better. this is the best harrowed have ever sounded. the production is clear. the band is tight. theres a touch of ringworm added to the mix in both thrashiness and, ive never noticed it till this ep, a bit of human furnace showing up in the vocals. cursed. trap them. and now ringworm. goddamn that combo of sounds. its a goddamn fantastic 9 minutes.


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