Hässlig-Guillotine LP (2021)

 Country: Spain
Genre: Black Metal, Punk, Noise
Label: Mystischaos Records
Tracks: 8
Length: 17.25' 

Hässlig is a band from Spain who formed in 2020, from the looks of things.  Hässlig play a viscerally ugly, raw, and brutal as fuck style of music that incorporates elements of black metal, raw punk, and noise within their sound.  Musically, Hässlig can be loosely compared to bands such as Bone Awl, Altrage, Lamp Of Murmur, Ancestors, Noose Rot, and other like-minded bands.  Guillotine is the band's debut LP which was released on November 26th, 2021.  On Guillotine, Hässlig offer up eight tracks of raw, ugly, and vicious as fuck sounding black metal, punk, and noise.  Overall, Guillotine makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy.  Look for physical copies to be released in May of 2022 via Mystichaos records, because you know, it's 2021 and vinyl is completely fucked like everything else.

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Nacho said...

this a fucking shit. sounds like my ass

ADAM said...

LMFAO what do you expect to hear when something is described as Black Metal & Noise exactly?

Nacho said...

i expect to hear some music well recorded, not a fuckin spanish demo recorded at home with a little PC

Anonymous said...

Do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.