i don't think many of us expected much out of this year, yet for many of us, it still fucking sucked. so we turned to what people like us turn to...music. no matter what, it's always there. it's always comforting. it's always cathartic. it's always our friend. it's always there when nothing else isn't. music. music and dogs. music, dogs and mothers. their love is unconditional. more than anything else, it's what matters. i lost my mother this year. i lost my dog this year. 2 of the 3 most supportive beings on this god forsaken shithole rock that i had. this list is what's left. whatever...we march on. humans are weird that way.

Zao- "The Crimson Corridor"

Frozen Soul- "Crypt of Ice"

if i felt like continuing this list there'd be several more. rejoicethe plagueswampbeastdome runnercarcassgosudar, eye flys, chevelle and thorn would all appear above. also, i haven't listened to many new releases over the past few months so 1914, khemmis, converge, churchburn, cadaveric fumes, heiress, and genocide pact probably deserve a spot. i'll get to them eventually.



Unknown said...

You righ broo un abrazo y ánimo a this cruel world

Unknown said...

This blog mola te agradezco por todas las bandas god material

Chris Morris said...

Hi Jerm. Just saw your list. Thanks for adding your best of list. Sorry about your losses. Keep your chin up. I'm on indefinite blog break rn. Just not feeling it much these days.

Jerm said...

Thanks man. I'll be honest I don't look for a whole lot of new music these days either. Wanna try to get going after the 1st of the year. We'll be here when you get back

Anonymous said...

As someone who went through the same situation this year I happily like to say fuck 2021. I lost my mother and my cat, both unexpectedly. Definitely a shit year.