The Undead [US] 🎃🔪💀👻

Happy Halloween everyone! I thought I would post something just a little different from The Undead, a band that maybe not many people know about. The band has a never-ending rotation of members but the sole original founding member has stayed the same from 1980 until now, Bobby Steele, who was also the 2nd guitar player for The Misfits, before being replaced by Doyle. Steele can be heard on the legendary Misfits records Horror Business, Night of the Living Dead, 3 Hits from Hell, Beware and Halloween as well as the "missing" album 12 Hits from Hell. After leaving, Steele formed The Undead, playing guitar & singing, in New York City along with Chris "Jack" Natz on bass and Patrick Blanck on drums. Their first 7", Nine Toes Later, came out in 1982 and was actually financed by Glenn Danzig. They released a few more EP's and then the LP Act Your Rage in 1989. After that, the records kept coming and the band still continues to play to this day. As with most things, their early stuff is the best stuff, but the new stuff is not terrible. The band's sound has aged pretty well and is miles above all of those new Misfits releases. If you are a fan of old school horror punk, definitely check out their early stuff at least. The best way I can describe it is imagine The Misfits meets The Dead Boys but with GG Allin on vocals. Great snotty horror punk stuff.

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