Some Pretentious Asshole's Best Of 2018 List

2018 was an awesome year for underground music.  This year I decided to resume my year end favorite top 20 albums that were released for 2018.  There's no particular order in which albums I like the best. But anyway, thanks for reading and keep on supporting the The Pulpit.  I really appreciate the amount of feedback from you all!

                                               Idles-Joy As An Act Of Resistance LP

                                                   Brainoil-Singularity To Extinction 

                                                     Cult Leader-A Patient Man LP

                                            Daughters-You Won't Get What You Want LP

                                                 Erosion-Maximum Suffering LP

                                                         Gouge Away-Burnt Sugar LP

                                                         Drug Church-Cheer LP 

                                                           Hex Records on Bandcamp

                                                          Slow Crush-Aurora LP

                                                     Baptists-Beacon Of Faith LP 

                                                          Shook Ones-Body Feel LP

                                            Tongue Party-Looking For A Painful Death LP

                                                            Soul Grip-Not Ever LP

                                                        Blue Youth-Dead Forever LP

                                                               Thou-Magus LP 

                                                       Candy-Good To Feel LP 

                                                           Throat-Bareback LP

                                                        Bummer-Holy Terror LP

                                                          Super Unison-Stella LP

                                                  Jesus Piece-Only Self LP (2018)

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DeadWinterMoon said...

Man, I don't know how I spaced on that Candy album. That release is fucking rad. I know I downloaded it back when it was first posted (or perhaps I grabbed it as a request for someone), but I must have just kept overlooking it.