Hey everyone, sorry for my lack of visibility lately on the blog, lots of real world interference unfortunately. But I at least wanted to post my year end list. I'm never really great with informative, poignant reviews so here are the releases that I found myself listening to the most when I wasn't  listening to Synthwave or Mumble Rap about drugs and murder. And, while this list is in chronological order, I can tell you right now that I listened the SHIT out of Big Bite, Hundreds Of Au, Wayste and most recently, Funeral Chic.

I hope that everyone had a good year. The content on this blog EXPLODED in 2018 thanks to insanely consistent blog posts and the amazing chat community, So I thank everyone for that. Enjoy!

January 26 -
February 16 - 
February 23 - 
April 13 - 
May 4 - 
May 14 - 
May 18 - 
May 25 - 
June 4 - 
June 8 -  
June 16 - 
June 22 - 
July 6 - 
August 24 - 
August 24 - 
August 31 - 
August 31 - 
September 7 - 
October 26 - 
November 9 - 
November 16 - 
And a special Synthwave mention for AWITW (A Walk In The Woods). This guy is insanely prolific and everything he does is crisp, beautiful & flawless. There were 16 releases just in 2018 alone from AWITW!

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