(U.S.) Magic Circle-Journey Blind LP (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom, Metal, Stoner Metal

Label: 20 Buck Spin
Tracks: 6
Length: 44.5'

Magic Circle is Boston, MA based band featuring members of Rival Mob, No Tolerance, Stone Dagger, Innumerable Forms, Doomriders and Battle Ruins.  Magic Circle play an unabashed style of metal with a killer Black Sabbath influenced.  Musically, Magic Circle can be loosely compared to bands such as Saviours, Orchid, and Elder.  Magic Circle's sound has a 70's psychedelic/stoner vibe, which definitely adds an additional layer of complexity to their modern stoner metal vibe.  Since their inception in 2011, Magic Circle have released a self-titled full-length LP on Armageddon Shop records as well as 7" titled Scream Evil b/w Light Her Fire on Massacre Heavy Label.  Journey Blind is Magic Circle's latest full-length LP, which was released via 20 Buck Spin records on November 20th, 2015.  On Journey Blind, Magic Circle offer up six tracks of killer doom, metal, and stoner metal.  Overall, Journey Blind is a killer LP and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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