(U.S.) Gag-America's Greatist Hits LP (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Label: Iron Lung Records
Tracks: 9
Length: 18.0'

Gag is dirty, raw, and noisy as fuck sounding hardcore/punk band from Olympia, Washington who formed in 2012, from the looks of things.  Gag is one of those well off the radar bands and have little, if any social media presence on the web.  Gag play a snotty, raw, and unsettling style of hardcore/punk that can be loosely be compared to bands such as Crazy Spirit, CREEM, White Wards, and Society Nurse.  Since their inception in 2012, Gag have released a self-titled EP, a 7" titled Skimask 95, a flexi 7" titled Gasmask 95, a 7" titled 40 oz Rule 90, a 12" titled This Punk Shit Is Cool, But I Hope I'm Rob Zombie When I'm 28, and a 7" titled Locker Room.  America's Greatest Hits is Gag's latest nine song LP, which is slated for release via Iron Lung records on December 31st, 2015.  On America's Greatest Hits, Gag offer up nine tracks of dirty, raw, and unsettling sounding hardcore/punk.  Overall, America's Greatest Hits is a killer LP and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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