Bandcamp Roundup

So, since I'm either too busy or lazy to make a proper post, I figured I would at least dig through my disaster of an email inbox to pick out some good free Bandcamp stuff for you to grab. A lot of it was crap but I've filtered that out and posted some good stuff below, mostly hardcore punk & crust. This goes back a few months, so sorry if some of these releases are old news to you. Some of my personal favorites were by the bands Dysteria, Mad Trapper, Lesser Animal, Offense, Glarus and Locas. So check those and the others out after the jump. If you like what you hear, click the link and get it for free on Bandcamp. Most of these releases are "name your price", so if you really dig it, feel free to support these bands by giving them your hard earned cash. I'll try to make this a weekly feature, probably on the weekends. Enjoy!

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