FUNERAL CHIC - Self Titled


First off, let me apologize for my recent hiatus and general lack of posts here. Real life is just getting in the fucking way like it always does and I am just unable to keep up with this blog as I had originally intended. This could be my last post, or I could go apeshit and post a million things tomorrow. Either way, I'm sorry.

But let's move on to this new band, Funeral Chic, that brought me out of hiding. Consisting of members of the incredible band Narratives and also Pain & Panic, Funeral Chic has been lurking in the muddy shadows of Southeastern USA, waiting to rip your face off. They played their first show last month and now we have their first self-titled release, recorded by Rick Contes from Young And In The Way. This is 5 songs of tormented, pummeling, blackened grind-crust. The production is fantastic and when you're not headbanging your neck into oblivion, you'll be tapping your toes to killer grooves that will make any Cursed fan drool. 

You can download it for free at their Bandcamp page, and cassette versions will be available April 20th and will be limited to 30 copies, so be sure to get in touch with the band if you want one. This shit is definitely for fans of Trap Them, Cursed, Young And In The Way, Full Of Hell, Dephosphorus, Deathseekers etc.. etc...

- download -
1. Good Fucking Riddance
2. Hood Collector
3. Targeted
4. Humanity Abandoned
5. Death Celebrated

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