gotten kind of lucky lately with coming across bands i feel like posting on the blog. i don't seek out a of new bands like i used to. gotten used to relying on old faithful bands and albums. maybe it comes with age. i'm 43 now. makes me feel even older typing it out. fuck you. and now that ive mentioned my advanced age, heres bleed. other than that theyre from texas and, oddly enough, apparently signed to 20 buck spin(more on that in a minute), i don't know much about them. look at that album cover for a moment....screams late 90s/early 00s alt/nu metal doesnt it? yes it does. what about the music? sounds like a few kids found their dads nu metal cd collection and rolled with it. its a throwback that i welcome when done properly. and these kids did. i dont know that theyre kids but at my age, anyone under 30 is a kid. i don't listen to near the amount of nu that i used to but some of those bands i still hang on to. early korn, mudvayne and deftones. all of nothingface, american head charge and dry kill logic. i made a comment on the PRP yesterday about these guys and i described them as if daniel johns fronted a nu/alt metal band. i stand by that. this is a promising debut and i guess theres a full length in the works being put out by 20 buck spin. cant fucking wait for that. and if youre worried, no theres no angry white suburban guy rapping here. havent listened to them in years(so i could be wrong) but early grinspoon seems like a good comparison as well. at least in sound.. 20 buck spin took a chance, so can you.

bleed- name yo price

20 buck spin- name yo price

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This post confused the hell out of me because there actually WAS a late 90s alt-metal band named Bleed -